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When choosing insurance for your business, it is important that any and all expectations you have are met. It is essential that you can trust an expert in the insurance industry to assist you in making the proper selections for your company's risks. As with any important decisions affecting your business, many alternatives for insurance coverage are available. The best alternative for your business is the most cost efficient and comprehensive coverage available.

At CH Insurance we have what it takes to find the right fit for your individual business needs

General Liability Insurance:

Provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and products completed operations types of claims that a third party can bring against your business.

Property Insurance:

Provides coverage to the building you may own and your personal property for fire, theft and vandalism. Also can cover business income, should your business have to shut down due to one of these types of losses for a period of time.

Auto Insurance:

Provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to both your auto and someone else’s vehicle and passenger(s) should you get involved in an accident.

Workers' Compensation:

Provides coverage to your employees while “on the job” for sickness, injury and lost time.


Provides additional limit(s) of liability for General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Employer’s Liability coverages.

Employment Practices Liability:

Provides coverage for defense costs and damages for employment-related claims, such as, sexual or workplace harassment, wrongful termination, failure to hire, failure to promote, wrongful discipline etc.

Directors & Officers Liability: Provides financial protection for the board members and the business in the event you are sued in conjunction with the performance of your duties as they relate to the company. A director can be held personally responsible with regards to claims from stockholders, employees and clients. This protects your personal assets from being at stake.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability:

This is also known as errors & omissions coverage. This is a form of liability insurance that helps protect professional advice individuals and service providing companies from defending against a negligence claim made by a client and damages that are awarded. (Types of companies that purchase this type of insurance include insurance agents, consultants, brokers, lawyers, physicians, financial services, accounting, construction companies and nonprofit types of organizations). Also don’t forget to consider cyber liability/data breach coverage which addresses any business that is associated with e-business, the internet, networks and informational assets (credit cards, social security numbers, etc.).

Excess Workers Compensation:

Provides excess insurance for those companies that choose to self-insure their workers compensation and offers protection from catastrophic claims over a specific self-insured retention.

Surety Bonds:

This is a contract among, typically, 3 parties, The principal (party who will be performing the contractual obligation/work), The obligee (party who will be the recipient of the obligation/work), and The surety (the insurance company who assures the obligee (owner) that the principal (ie. contractor) can perform the task. This can include bid bonds, performance & labor & material bonds, license bonds, liquor bonds, etc.


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