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Wellness Program

Workplace wellness brought to you by CH Insurance, in partnership with Business Fit

At CH Insurance, we always consider risk management because we know that you could be flying high and suddenly you're free falling. Those kinds of risks are everywhere. We've been in your corner making sure you were ready just in case, because your employees are more than just statistics to you,  and you're more than just a client to us!

At the center of everything we do is you. So we started thinking of ways to server you better. You value your employees, you need them to be healthy and they keep your business healthy. You need a customized wellness program.

And now you have one!

"Risk management means different things to different people. But, everyone needs assistance from time to time. We wanted to make sure that the clients under our agency have the opportunity to take preventative action to avoid chronic illness, break unhealthy habits, and live to the best of their potential! That's why we made this investment in Business Fit, and are providing this wellness service to all of our clients at no cost. At the end of the day, this will not only help your employees state of mind and health, but strengthen all aspects of your group health insurance and workers' compensation programs. As always, CH is in your corner. "
-Joe Convertino, Jr. President, CH INSURANCE

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All this is now available for your company!
Because we're in the insurance business, but more importantly we're in business with YOU!

Ask your agent for more details!

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