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Coverages for Commercial Buildings & Property

CH Insurance commercial insurance Syracuse
Protecting your business and all that's important to you

What are the different types of commercial insurance? Looking at all the possibilities of commercial business insurance could be overwhelming. Insurance is a necessary part of conducting smart and safe business. It protects your dream, all you've worked for, your family, your employees, your customers - everything that's truly important to you and your business. It protects your assets, and against losses. The type of insurance(s) you need depends on your business and what types of work you engage in, number of employees, industry, geography, property type, total assets.

We're in your corner here at CH - and can walk you through each type of commercial insurance and what's best for your business.

Crime Insurance (Employee Theft, moneys & securities, computer fraud)

Data Breach (Cyber Security)

Direct Damage Property Insurance

Direct damage coverage is what most people think of when they hear the words "property insurance," says John Sereno of CH Insurance. This type of insurance covers loss or damage to physical property by a covered cause of loss. Catastrophic events are not always automatically covered, such as those resulting from a natural disaster like a tornado or hurricane. In the event there's a lot of debris to be picked up, you need to be aware that not all policies cover this aspect. You'd need additional coverage for that. Property policies are usually pretty flexible and through different endorsements, we can ensure that you have the coverage in place that you truly need.


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