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The Four Cornerstones of CH Insurance

"Everything we're about here at CH rests on Four Cornerstones," says Joe Convertino Jr., President of CH Insurance. "Clients and Carrier Partners can always rest easy knowing we're in their corner. And these four cornerstones are the foundation for that promise." Today, CH is excited to share the first of four. Every day, every way, this is where it all begins:



Angela: I'm here with CH Insurance President Joe Convertino Jr. and Joe, today we're talking about the Four Cornerstones of CH Insurance. The first cornerstone being the most important: Conversation. Creating meaningful conversations with your team, your carrier partners, your clients... How important is that to fulfilling your brand promise?

Joe: Very important! At CH, Conversation is more than just communication Angela, it's a dialogue. Our team thrives on open and honest discussions. We encourage a culture where everyone's voice is heard, fostering trust, understanding needs and wants. We're always trying to learn and be better with our discussions.

By engaging in these conversations daily, weekly, monthly, we ensure we're truly in their corner every day and every way. This Conversation cornerstone makes CH go. It's so valuable and so important in our day-to-Day business.


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