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Business Owners, are you creating a safe workplace?

CH Insurance says workplace safety is key to lowering your workers' compensation premiums

When your workplace is safe, everyone wins. Naturally you want your employees safe, but it also has a direct impact on your workers' compensation premiums. Here's how...

When you train employees on proper safety protocols, you're helping ensure that they understand what's in their best interests.

Having emergency procedures in place so that there's a clear, written safety plan, whether it's for emergencies or for reporting injuries, you've readied your employees to be their own best advocates in a potentially bad situation.

PPE or personal protective equipment outfits your employees with the proper gear and safety equipment. Be sure all gear and equipment is regularly checked and calibrated when relevant. This gear even includes proper footwear, etc.

Include signage and visuals throughout the workplace with strong storytelling that conveys the importance of safety, reminders about hazards, whether they're ongoing or temporary (spills for example).

Maintain a clean workplace. Reduce the clutter! It speaks volumes about the care and attention you offer your business, your customers, your employees. And it's just good, safe business.

Consider ergonomic furniture and equipment. There are many advances and opportunities for today's workplace to mitigate the risks and dangers of physical exposure to certain work requirements. Take full advantage of the advances in furniture, including ergonomic desks and other supporting equipment for employees.

"All of these steps not only increase employee retention, higher productivity, they also reduce your workers' compensation costs," says John Sereno, Vice President of Sales at CH.

Here at CH Insurance, an Insurance agency in Syracuse, NY. We encourage you to consider all the ways in which we can help you save money in your business. Creating and reinforcing a culture of safety is one important way you can demonstrate you're in your employees' corner! You can read more from one of our carrier partners about workplace safety.


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