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We are back with 100 Under One Hundred

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Small business ownership just got a whole lot easier!

It's an exciting time at CH Insurance! Our level of communication and connection with our team and clients has been at an all time high. We're blessed and very fortunate to have such great talent and innovators among us. So much so, that we've put our collective heads together along with input from clients for something we've been wanting to specialize in for a long time: Health Insurance specially designed for small businesses with under fifty employees.

Why partner with CH for your small business health insurance?

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be sharing deeper details about each of these unique ingredients we've put into the 100 Under One Hundred recipe.

CH Connect - our online portal designed for total ACCESS 24/7

COBRA - When you’re a 50 Under Fifty Small Business Health Insurance partner with CH – we handle all of COBRA for you.

HR Hotline - Total Assistance, when you need it and it matters most.

Your ADVOCATE - When there’s a claim not being paid, RX being denied, having trouble getting an MRI approved, we’re ON IT.

Financial Wellness Consulting- 401k's, retirement planning, college funding, and much more

CHoice - we're not talking 2 or 3 plan options here. When you're investing money monthly, you deserve to see all the plans available to you.


A small business owner was covering their mom and dad on their employer plan and paying for platinum level premiums (over $20,000 annually) to cover them and asked if there was anything we could do to help. Our specialists determined they had already been paying their part B Medicare premiums. We started reviewing their list of doctors, hospitals and prescriptions and determined all of these could be covered under a Medicare Advantage Plan. We reviewed all the plans moved Mom and Dad to a $0 premium Medicare product and saved this small business over $20,000 annually without losing any benefits at all!


So if you're ready to make your life a whole lot easier, let's talk. All health insurance rates are fixed - so all agencies are working from the same, fixed set of rates. What it then really comes down to... is the level of service commitment to you and your small business, and the partnership and depth of the relationship. Read the stories, meet our people. Give us the opportunity, and the honor to prove to you, we're in your corner.


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