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The 5 C's at CH

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Success at Work, Home, and at Play

Whether you're at home, on the links, or at the office, there are principles that are universal

The 5 C's of CH Insurance customer service mission vision values

for success and growth. Over time you learn which principles work best as part of your mission, vision, and values. The Team here at CH works so well together that we've worked together on designing - and living our mission on purpose, with passion and teamwork.

In good times and in tough times

If you're a client of CH Insurance, our intention is that you ALWAYS experience the CH 5 C's in both good times - and when the going gets tough: When there's a claim. So what are these

5 C's? And what are some questions you can ask of your team that might clarify your mission, vision, values, particularly given our times today...


When we focus on connection, we focus on cultivating connection to each other, our families, our clients, our industry, our community.

  • What areas do you feel your company, your team can feel more connected not only to clients, but to one another? Is everyone 'punching a clock'?

  • Or does everyone feel like they're 'in it together' and having each others' backs? Having the clients' backs? The communitys' back?

'We always are asking our team - is there a smarter way?"

- Joe Convertino, Jr.


Always fostering a culture of learning, growing, inquiring, questioning. "We always are asking our team - is there a smarter way?" says CH President, Joe Convertino, Jr.

  • Is there something else we can be developing, innnovating, connecting?

  • Are there other models of excellence we could be investigating and/or emulating?


This is a big one here at CH. Every organization has truly learned a new level organizational communication over these last several months during the pandemic. Not by choice, companies have been forced to communicate more efficiently and effectively due to social distancing.

Aside from technology itself - we're always challenging ourselves to improve the level of presence, listening skills, attention and engagement we offer to one another and to clients.

  • How much time and attention does your company dedicate to improving internal and external communication?


There isn't a single business out there right now that isn't experiencing this in spades. Fortunately the CH Culture is based on rapid change and adaptation. Thriving through change, keeping up or keeping ahead of the pace (without sacrificing quality time and attention to priorities) is a cornerstone here.

  • How well does your team embrace change?

  • Do you welcome it? Do you resist it?

  • When there's resistance, does empathy step in and play a huge role?

  • In what ways are you allowing necessary change and applauding those who are rising with the changing tides?


The communities we serve are always at the forefront of every decision we make. "There isn't a member of this team that isn't consistently asking, how can I help, is there an organization that needs my assistance?" says VP of Sales John Sereno.

  • How will this effort positively impact our community?

  • What other ways can we connect and contribute and engage with community stakeholders?

  • Are we paying it forward, recognizing our good fortune and doing all that we can to leverage that good fortune for the benefit of others?


You each have offered a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, your teammate, a HI FIVE at some

CH Insurance customer service syracuse ny

point in your life yes? HI FIVE here at CH celebrates our Five C's and the fun and connection we experience in our work and on behalf of clients and carrier partners.

So as you're out on your travels today - whether in person or virtually, offer a HI FIVE and watch the energy and connection immediately RISE UP! Then the tone is undoubtedly set for success at home, at work, in all ways.

CH Insurance is a Trusted Choice independent insurance agency based in Syracuse, NY. Conducting business across the Upstate New York region, the company strives to become the #1 recommended and referred insurance agency in the region. That takes principles to be in place that everyone - employees and clients alike - can count on. You can count on CH to be in your corner - and HI FIVE-ing you all the way across the finish line!

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