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At a distance or up close and personal this July 4th?

What's your game plan for the holiday weekend?

This is a big holiday weekend coming up for everyone this weekend, so we're curious here at CH how you're approaching social distancing - or whether you're willing to run the risk and get up close and personal with friends and family you might not otherwise see very often?

There's been lots of talk and concern about families and friends getting together in droves this coming holiday weekend. Being social and having fun is part of the CH DNA. So it goes without saying that the pandemic has no doubt had an impact on some of our weekly fun.

While we've been incredibly focused and productive while working from home, we're all missing that sense of closeness, camaraderie, laughs and lightheartedness that's typical of the CH culture. As a purveyor of office fun, our president, Joe Convertino, Jr. has been hard at work figuring out a socially acceptable yet more-to-normal game plan. We thought we'd walk you through how Joe plans to HIGH-FIVE and conjure up some FOURTH FUN:


Even if your friends or some extended family might be celebrating Fourth Fun right at home in their OWN backyard this year... there's no stopping some virtual games shared using the technology so many of us have gotten used to over the last three months. Host a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST on FB Live ... don't forget to use Hofmann's :) Joe's favorite! Here's a National Hot Dog Eating Champ to give you some insights on how to best prep for the competition.


Run, walk, but have some fun and all for a good cause... this Saturday is the St. Baldrick's Virtual Run and you can participate! Take a look here to learn more and sign up if you're interested!


While many fireworks displays this year remain in limbo or are cancelled altogether, there are some cities that have confirmed they're going forward with televised events that will include

previously recorded material, as well as live performances. Arrange for the whole gang to tune in, and then set up a conference call so you can all "ooooh and "ahhhh" together.


Weather permitting, get the popcorn popping and enjoy a red, white & blue movie outdoors. Here's a quick way to set

up your backyard theater in under 30 minutes!


It's sacrilege to forget SMORES on Fourth of July LOL! Break out the graham crackers and try and come up with some fun new SMORES recipes. Check these fun ideas out for getting 'Smore Creative! P.S. VP of Sales, John Sereno's fave is with peanut butter cups. Wow, so so good!


Can't make it to a real campsite this year? Take it to the backyard. Once you're stuffed from Mom or Dad's grilling, and firepit smores, you can cap off the night with some (not super scary) ghost stories before sleeping under the stars.

And Joe C's personal favorite:


Put together a virtual golf tourney if you can't get together at a local club. Suggest that everyone put into the kitty for prizes and 'swing away'! It's been done! And you know how near and dear golf is to the Prez.

From all of us here on the CH Team, we wish you and yours a safe and social distanced Holiday. Let us remember that with independence comes responsibility - to take care of one another and our neighbors. Who's in your corner?

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