Benefit #3: HR HOTLINE

Updated: Sep 24

HR Hotline for small businesses when and where you need it

How tired are you of getting put on hold?

This week a new 50 Under Fifty small business client asked us "Wait a minute, you're also going to put together an employee handbook for us? How much is that?"

Joe Courcy, Small Business Insurance Specialist on the CH Team answered... "The review of your employee handbook is FREE. It's part of our 50 Under Fifty Program and part of being in your corner."

Don't get put on hold - get the answers you need.

When you have an issue with your group benefits, whether you have two employees or forty, you want answers and you want them NOW. With CH there's no getting put on hold, trying to walk through an automated system yourself, waiting - and more waiting... for the answers you need. With the HR Hotline, get the answers you need and get them NOW. We keep a pretty quick tempo here at CH so this suits our culture as well. We're all needing to be the most efficient and effective we can possibly be. This benefit will help you do that.

Small business owners have enough hats to wear. By unloading some of your group benefits management to the specialists at CH, you get to unload some of those headaches. And it costs you nothing. The thing is - all premiums are the same with carriers, whether that carrier is used through us here at CH, or another broker. The difference? The service. And that's what 50 Under Fifty centers around. "We're in your corner, advocating for you every step of the way," says Larry. If you'd like to learn more about the ways 50 Under Fifty can help you make 2021 a whole lot easier, let's talk. It would be an honor to create that partnership with you. Problem solved! 315-234-7500.

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