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Business Owners - do you know the difference?

CH Insurance offers commercial insurance including flood insurance and water backup insurance
Spring and Fall is when flooding at your business is most likely to occur

The difference between water backup, flood and water seepage at your business

Spring is in full bloom! And so are the streams, rivers, and water systems that sometimes surround your business. You need the proper coverage and you also need to know the difference between water backup, flood, and water seepage.


Heavy rains generally are what cause a water backup. In this case a sewer backs up into the basement or lowest level of your business. Water backup coverage is available as an additional endorsement to your business insurance policy.


Seepage is water that comes through cracks in the foundation at your business. Seepage cannot typically be insured. There are prevention measures you can take to protect your business from seepage. A company can come in and waterproof the foundation of the business to protect against seepage.


A flood is an excess of water (or mud) on land that’s normally dry, causing water to come in through a door or window well. When the waterways overflow due to thaws or heavy Spring rainfalls, floods can occur. Flash floods can happen anywhere, anytime. Your business doesn't need to be near a body of water because we've seen street flooding from heavy sudden rainfall in a short period of time, cause some serious damage.

Changing weather patterns, commercial development contribute to the increase in frequency of flooding and flood business insurance claims.

"Spring and Fall are the seasons for water backup and floods!" says Joe Convertino, Jr., President of CH Insurance. If you're concerned about your risk, contact us to discuss your options.


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