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CH Insurance: Sustaining Five-Star Customer Service

Updated: Jun 5

Hello, CH Insurance family and friends!

You may have seen the Four Cornerstone Series this past month – if you haven’t I encourage you to visit our social platforms to watch. When you read the online reviews and true stories that our clients and partners share, you’ll begin to connect the dots on how we cultivate these five star experiences from the ground up.

Something we’re incredibly passionate about here at CH— is our commitment to providing five-star customer service. We believe that our approach to service not only sets us apart but also brings us closer as a community.

The CH Four Cornerstones—Conversation, Collaboration, Change, and Community—are not just words to us; they’re the foundation of how we operate and interact every single day, both within our team and with you, our valued clients and partners.

1. Conversation: The Heartbeat of Our Service

We started with Conversation because we believe that great service begins with listening. By engaging in meaningful discussions with our employees—our first customers—we learn what makes our team tick, what concerns them, and how we can make their work life even better. This internal harmony is crucial because a happy team translates to happy customers.

For our clients and carrier partners we want you to feel heard and understood, whether it's discussing policy details or addressing your insurance questions. This focus on quality conversation helps us serve you better and makes the insurance process transparent, fun, and as stress-free as possible.

2. Collaboration: Together, We Achieve More

Next, we dove into Collaboration. At CH Insurance, collaboration means pooling our resources, talents, and ideas to create solutions that benefit everyone involved. This cornerstone is about breaking down silos and fostering a teamwork environment that empowers every member of our agency.

Our collaborative spirit extends to our clients and partners. We work alongside you to find the best insurance solutions, drawing on the collective expertise of our dedicated team and our network of carriers. Together, we navigate the complexities of insurance with ease and efficiency.

3. Change: Embracing the New

Change is inevitable, and is moving faster and faster, especially in the dynamic world of insurance. We embrace it because we know that to improve, we must evolve. We encourage our team to be proactive about change, whether it's adopting new technologies, updating our processes, or exploring innovative ways to deliver service. Just recently we launched our internal, full-faceted Wellness program, “CHoose Well.” It’s another tool in our toolbelt of resources for our employees to ensure we support them in their well-being inside and outside of the office.

This cornerstone also reflects our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends so that we can offer you the most current and relevant insurance options. Our agility ensures that we’re always ready to meet your changing needs with confidence and expertise.

4. Community: Common Ground

Lastly, we celebrated Community, which for us, means more than just the areas where we live and work. It's about building a network of support that includes our team, our clients, our carriers, and our local businesses. We thrive on being an integral part of our community, participating in local events, supporting local causes, and helping our community members protect what matters most to them.

Our dedication to community involvement shows that we’re not just here to sell insurance—we’re here to build lasting relationships and make a positive impact in every way we can.

Moving Forward Together

As we celebrate our 25th Year of serving Upstate and Central New York, the Four Cornerstones reaffirm where we’ve been, and how far we’ve come. With the Four Cornerstones, it’s not the end but just the beginning. These principles continue to guide every interaction we have and every decision we make. We’re committed to maintaining this momentum and ensuring that every experience you have with CH Insurance is nothing short of exceptional.

Whether you’re interacting with our team, exploring solutions with our partners, or engaging with our community initiatives, you can expect a five-star experience every way possible. When you want sound guidance, protection, and well-being for your business as well as everything that’s important to you personally, let us offer you the premiere, memorable experience you want to tell your friends, family, and colleagues about. You deserve that. We’re in your corner, every day… every way.


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