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Let's have a HI-FIVE as small business owners get help navigating the COBRA waters

CH Insurance's Joe Courcy talks small business health insurance and compliance for COBRA
COBRA Compliance is one less hat you have to wear

We received a frantic call from a company that wasn’t using CH Insurance as their broker saying they thought Excellus was doing their COBRA and they had been in compliance. Turns out Excellus was doing their COBRA for the Medical. But they weren't doing it for Dental or Vision. Needless to say, the terminated employees were NOT happy they had not received COBRA for those lines of coverage.

COBRA Compliance - one less hat you have to wear by partnering with CH

This small business owner wears a lot of hats. Like all small business owners do. It's no wonder that it turns out they never sent COBRA for these lines ever. "CH took them over as our client and managed the entire COBRA process for them," says Joe Courcy of CH Insurance. "They informed us when employee’s left, we terminated them from the Carriers' systems and mailed out COBRA notifications for the terminated employees, collected the premiums and remitted to the client. This keeps it clean and easy for the owner."

If you're a small business owner, compliance can be a tough thing. And you don't need disgruntled employees (hello online Reviews!), as there's enough to contend with in the world of small business right now to last a lifetime! Compliance can be easy - with the right partner in your corner.

The moral of this small business health insurance story?

This small business owner was grateful for their CH Partnership. They're now in compliance with their health insurance. Even more importantly, they're not chasing terminated employees for payments. Everyone gets what they need and want. That's definitely worth a HI-FIVE!

CH Insurance is an independent insurance agency based in Syracuse, NY. They focus on commercial insurance, personal insurance, group benefits, risk management. With a dedicated team for Small Business Health Insurance < Under 50 employees, CH works with small business owners to keep life easier and a lot more fun! 315-234-7500.


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