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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Let's have a HI-FIVE as small business owners get help navigating the COBRA waters

CH Insurance's Joe Courcy talks small business health insurance and compliance for COBRA
COBRA Compliance is one less hat you have to wear

COBRA Compliance - as a 50 Under Fifty Client, it's one less hat you have to wear by partnering with CH

Small business owner wear a lot of hats. . "CH takes over for you as our client and managesthe entire COBRA process for you," says Joe Courcy of CH Insurance.

When employees leave, we terminate them from the Carriers' systems and mail out COBRA notifications for the terminated employees, collected the premiums and remit to you. This keeps it clean and easy for you, the owner."

If you're a small business owner, compliance can be a tough thing. And you don't need disgruntled employees (hello online Reviews!), as there's enough to contend with in the world of small business right now to last a lifetime! Compliance can be easy - with the right partner in your corner.

The moral of this small business health insurance story?

If you have under fifty employees, want to unload some headaches related to your health insurance, it's FREE! Check into a 50 Under Fifty CH Partnership. Let's make sure you're in compliance with your health insurance. Even more importantly, that you're not chasing terminated employees for payments. Everyone gets what they need and want. And since your health insurance premiums are exactly the same cost whether you work with us or another agency, all of the added services we provide you through our 50 Under Fifty Program for small businesses cost you nothing! That's definitely worth a HI-FIVE!

CH Insurance is an independent insurance agency based in Syracuse, NY. They focus on commercial insurance, personal insurance, group benefits, risk management. With a dedicated team for Small Business Health Insurance < Under 50 employees, CH works with small business owners to keep life easier and a lot more fun! 315-234-7500.


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