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Group Benefits: Beyond the Benefits

CH Insurance talks about going beyond the benefits for group benefits insurance
Your people are your best asset. Dig deeper to go Beyond the Benefits...

If you were to search Group Benefits online, and sifted through the offered products from one company to the next, you would see much of the same. So how do you go one, two, three levels deeper to what really matters in a Group Benefits Partner?

All this month we'll be diving deeper on what it means to businesses, large and small, to have a true group benefits partner in your corner. It'll be tough for us to stay objective because we happen to so believe in our talented Group Benefits Team here at CH Insurance, that we like to shout it from the rooftops! But we'll try our best :)

This Beyond the Benefits series will spotlight different program aspects yes, but goes into greater depth about 1) innovative systems and technologies that facilitate ease and peace of mind for your group benefits plan. We'll take a look at each 2) unique set of skills and talents that a five star group benefits guru must possess to do the job right for you. And we'll 3) talk about heart, passion, commitment, and integrity... all characteristics of a solid group benefits offering for your employees, as well as for your insurance partnership.

"The bottom line is that your employees deserve the best. If you're anything like us here at CH, you know and understand that your team is your best asset," says Joe Convertino, Jr, President of CH Insurance. Investing in comprehensive resources, tools, safety, and quality of programs for your people is where good business begins and ends. We're here to help you implement and sustain that on a whole new level.

Join us back here on the Cornerstone Blog each Wednesday for the Beyond the Benefits series during the month of August. We promise you'll walk away feeling more empowered about the direction of your Group Benefits plan.


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