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In your corner means ... better together

As President of CH Insurance, when I look back over the past year there is one thing that is very clear: Your employees, your customers, the communities you're a part of, the people you care about, are better together. Here at CH Insurance, playing as a team and being deeply committed to our partnerships has always been at the core of who we are. But until we had the perspective over these past twelve months, we never truly had been tested to appreciate and understand just how far we've come. Under the most difficult of circumstances, the investments we have made over the years in technology and innovation, training, talent, culture, cyber security, and in deepening relationships through developing smart, strategic alliances, all came full circle. It was different, but we all found a way to learn and become better as people, professionally, and personally.

Unlike so many companies who were less fortunate, CH Insurance was able to optimize our efforts and our budgets, enough so we could keep every single employee working throughout this pandemic. To us, this was our greatest victory. In launching our Fifty Under 50 Group Benefits program designed specifically for small business with under fifty employees, we created a platform where small business owners could receive the kind of attention to detail, insight, products and support they deserve while navigating the Health Insurance maze. Through our invaluable carrier partners, we were able to return portions of premiums to our personal lines clients as a response to economic restraints felt by so many from the lockdowns. With commercial clients we worked with them on audits, payment plans, and reviewing coverage to make sure all is in sync for them during these times. We continue to devote energy and resources to our community involvement that we've supported over the years like Josephs House for Women, David's Refuge, Francis House, American Heart Association with the CH time, talent, and financial support for their outreach programs and services.

Now as we look ahead, we continue to asses our talent, how we wish to expand our team, alliances and offerings for 2021. Continually evaluating our onboarding process, our technological capabilities, our customer service, our strengths as well as where we can continue to improve … we look to the future of the Upstate NY business landscape with optimism. We can do so no only because we know we're netter equipped and better staffed than ever before. But also because we've witnessed first-hand the resilience and heart of the CH team and the clients and carrier partners we're proud to be aligned with. This past year we've learned an invaluable business and life lesson: That being in your corner truly means, better together.


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