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Independent Equals CHoice

CH Insurance independent agency Syracuse NY
Dealing with an Independent Agent gives you opportunity and CHoice. Let's get a BIG THUMBS UP FOR THAT!


Can you imagine if you were told that if you wanted to buy a house, you had to choose from these three houses in the neighborhood and that was it? You couldn't look in other communities or even other neighborhoods within your own community. That's what it's like working with what we call in the industry a 'CAPTIVE' agent.

All this month here on the Cornerstone Blog, we're going to be highlighting the unique attributes of being an independent agent. We're grateful our Founder, Joe Convertino, Sr. embarked upon the independent journey TWENTY Years ago (We in fact celebrate our 20 year Anniversary this year).


With a CAPTIVE agent, you're forced to choose only from within their portfolio of insurance options - 'pick one of these houses on this street'. On the other hand, an INDEPENDENT agent offers you many different 'neighborhoods', many different

'communities' to choose from. Here at CH we call that CHoice: CHoice to select the best options that are right for your business, your employees, your family.

Another way to explain it is a captive agent works to only represent ONE insurance company, an independent agent does not work for any particular insurance company and can offer you policies and options from an array of insurance companies. "Your CHOICE is dramatically expanded and improved when you choose to work with an independent agency like ours," says Michele Porto, VP of Marketing at CH Insurance.

ch insurance commercial insurance downtown syracuse
The agency of CHoice CH Insurance downtown office team

Check back all this month of May for stories about insurance choices, and what it truly means to grant yourself the right CHoice for insurance partners.


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