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Small Business: Got Health?

Well while some businesses have undoubtedly had big time trouble over these last nearly five months (that doesn't seem possible does it?) , others have gotten reinvigorated in new ways. "GOT MILK?" campaign was reintroduced this week. The successful marketing campaign ran from 1993-2014 by putting mustaches on big name celebrities and performance athletes. It's not the campaign you remember though... this time it's using You-Tubers and Tik-Tok' ers having FUN WITH MILK!


The company is stating that when the pandemic hit, milk sales went through the roof... and not just for drinking, but for having fun with, doing contests, showing crazy stuff in social media videos and the like. While we're not going to have our Prez out swinging a golf club while balancing a glass of milk on is head (although that might be worth its' weight in gold LOL!), we want to Thank all those businesses out there large and small who've pivoted - who've found their grit, adapted, and are finding ways to reinvent themselves anew.

Taking things up a notch for small businesses

It takes a special kind of leadership, teamwork, drive, and trust to weather this kind of storm, of that there is no doubt. We want you to know that through thick and thin, we're in your corner. Be watching over the next few weeks as we begin to roll out just one of the ways we're taking things up a notch here at CH - We'll raise our glass of Milk to that!


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