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What can the game of golf teach us about business?

Some of you may know how much the game of golf means to our President, Joe Convertino, Jr. While we joke and have fun with Joe about how much he loves the game... but in truth, his passion and joy he gains from the game make him a better Leader. What lessons can you consider from the game of golf teach you for your business?


Not only does golf allow you to truly be present and in the zone (fully connected and aligned in the moment) - you have to be focused in order to play well, it also helps you connect to others. Rarely do you just go out and play 18 by yourself right? The camaraderie generated among friends and those out with you enjoying an afternoon of sport is invaluable to relationships and connecting with others like-minded people.


You have to stay curious if you want to play a good game of golf - how far to the pin? What's the best club to use? who designed the course? What's your score? How are the greens today, fast or slow? If you're committed to continuous improvement, whether in golf or in business, you have to infuse curiosity into all that you do.


Especially those players at the professional level of golf - their communication with their caddy, their coach, their sponsors, certainly is vital. But even for our Prez, Joe - communicating with those he's golfing with, talking business, life, family, ideas... the discussion on the course and in the clubhouse might center on fun and celebrating a good day... it's also about how COVID is impacting their business, whether they have the level of insurance protection in place they may need, are their health insurance benefits providing them with the peace of mind they deserve.

Of all of the lessons, communication may truly be one of the most important. Particularly right now as we all learn to adapt to a new landscape amidst lockdowns. In our businesses, communication not only with our clients/patients/customers, but also the communication we have with our own leadership teams, our employees, our vendors.

Lesson #4 CHANGE

At no other time in our lifetime have we been asked to change so abruptly than in the last six months. And here at CH we're proud and respectful of the job we've done to pivot so quickly and embrace what's before us. Because of the culture of change being a norm here at CH, while the pandemic has been a challenge, we've truly risen above it. Taking all we know and applying it with patience, understanding, and resilience that we know we've got what it takes to thrive through this. Adopting a culture of change will become more and more important for your business. And it begins with you.


Being engaged, involved, and in tune with the community you live in and work in are vital to your business thriving. Golf often happens to give all of us here at CH the opportunity to give back. Birdies for Babies is an event that Joe Convertino, Jr. has been involved with for many years. Whatever your passion may be, whatever you do for fun, to be out in nature, to celebrate with friends and colleagues, ask yourself in what way might you allow that to also be a vehicle for change - a vehicle for creating and doing good for your community?

Find something you can believe in, that your employees can believe in with you, and give it all you've got. Perfect practice makes perfect. On the golf course, and in your business.


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