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Why be Captive when you can be Independent?

Danielle Burns CH Insurance personal lines
Personal Lines Supervisor CH Insurance

When Danielle Burns decided to make the move to CH Insurance, it was an obvious CHoice for three reasons:

1. Colleagues - a good friend of Danielle's, Dan Rogers (who we featured last week on the Cornerstone Blog) was thriving as a Personal Lines Account Executive at CH. She was constantly hearing from Dan about how much he loved his new workplace and peers... and the excitement in his voice each time he spoke of it, was unmistakable!

2. Financial Opportunity - to be shown that you have the opportunity to grow professionally is exciting in and of itself. To have the financial opportunity to match it, well it became a no brainer for Danielle and she's never looked back. Currently Danielle serves as Personal Lines Supervisor with the company.

3. Independence - if given the CHoice to work for a captive agency or an independent one, the answer was obvious to Danielle.

"I love the people I work with. I love that the work is different every day," says Danielle. "And I appreciate the professional and financial opportunities that have been granted to me here. Don't get me wrong, I work hard for it and show up eager and excited to be in every client's corner!"

When you work for an independent agency like CH Insurance, you're given freedom that you don't get when you work for a captive agency. The difference between the two? Unlike working for a captive agent, as an independent agent you get to offer your clients many CHoices to suit their unique, personal and business requirements. With a captive agency, you get to offer them - one carrier to pick from. Why be captive when you can be Independent? CH Insurance is your best CHoice as an independent agency in Central NY. To qualify for an interview, submit your resume to or call our offices in downtown Syracuse at 315-234-7500. We're in your corner!


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