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Workplace Wellness means Workers' Comp reductions

CH Insurance helps you reduce your workers' compensation premiums through risk management programs
Wellness at Work is part of your Risk Management Program that can directly affect your Workers' Compensation premiums.

There's a direct correlation between the health and well-being of your employees, their work satisfaction, and your workers' compensation premiums. In fact, offering your employees the option of a workplace wellness program undoubtedly elevates their happiness at work, encouraging them as they feel better taken care of, simply cared about more by the organization.

It takes commitment. The same commitment you have to growing your business has to go into growing your people. They ARE your business. "Here at CH our clients and carrier partners remind us daily that our people are special. They just are. It's a tremendous responsibility that ownership and leadership have here at CH Insurance... to ensure our people are well taken care of, appreciated, applauded, and supported in their job satisfaction and overall well-being," says CH President, Joe Convertino, Jr.

There's also benefit in wellness programs focused on prevention and safety. Walking the talk is the cornerstone here. Meaning we are our first clients at CH. We look at risk management, driving down our own premiums through smart programs and strong communication with employees and our carrier partners.

Some studies show an average of 28% reduction in sick days, an average of 26% reduction in health costs, and an average of 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims when you have strong workplace wellness and risk management programs in place.

Moreover, the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans (IFEPB) reports for every $1 spent on wellness, employers can expect to save up to $3 in healthcare costs. Harvard also concluded for every $1 invested in wellness, employers could expect to save approximately $3 in absenteeism costs.


No program gets off the ground without employee engagement. Communication and support of resources along with consistency is KEY. There has to be a core true passion for having happy, satisfied employees - and that belief then spreads throughout the entire organization. Walk the talk. Authenticity and integrity are key in this process. Seek out key ambassadors who are willing to advocate and implement small steps to communicate daily with your teams.

Ideas you can implement NOW:

Signage, internal emails, surrounding your staff with social media, photos, videos, guest speakers, inspirational signage, anything and everything that supports and proves the story is true: happiness matters. Work-life balance matters. Safety and well-being matters.

Here's a great article that provides an overview of six (6) program elements within your risk management program as an example - showing the impact on your workers' compensation premiums in particular.

When it comes to being in your corner for workers' compensation, our very own Tony D'Amato knows the ropes. He has in depth experience and insights to offer you on steps you can take in reducing your premiums through strong risk management strategy. You can email Tony at

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