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4 Easy Steps to Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. "You know that saying that a body in motion stays in motion," says Joe Convertino, Jr, President of CH Insurance, "once you get moving it's a lot easier to keep moving. Getting started is the hardest part!"

Wellness at work is our theme this whole month. Why? Because we believe a healthier team is a happier team. That translates to a better prosperity all-around for the organization, all our clients, everyone who partners with CH. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So begin right where you are with these four easy-to-understand steps to instituting and shifting an attitude in your workplace towards wellness:

1. RECRUIT A WELLNESS CHAMPION (or two or three) who's committed to workplace wellness and willing and energized to help organize and lead the team

2. PLACE INSPIRATIONAL SIGNAGE (and hand sanitizer :) in high-trafficked staffing areas throughout your office. Remember motivation is external and can work, but INSPIRATION which is internally driven within each individual is much more powerful and effective. So select phrases and imagery of that "CAN-DO" Spirit, that connect, resonate, and inspire.

3. OFFER HEALTHY EATING SNACK OPTIONS like mixed fruit, nuts, energy drinks (that aren't loaded with sugar) to help lift up energy throughout those natural 'lows' in the day. Lots of fresh water for people to take in and encourage consumption during meetings as well.

4. ORGANIZE WORKPLACE WALKING BREAKS to help increase easy activity and relieve natural stress that can build up during the day.

There are certainly many different tactics and behavioral support shifting that can be implemented. These are just a few, low-lift things that can be spearheaded not next week, next month or next quarter, but today, this week, right here and now.

HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH CENTRAL NEW YORK! We're in your corner all the way!!

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