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CHoice when it comes to Carriers

Small business owners benefit from working with an independent insurance agency

small business health insurance with CH Insurance

Unlike many small business health insurance partnerships, when you partner with an independent agency you're offered extensive choice. How? Here at CH Insurance for example we offer 32 choices for small business owners for their health insurance for employees. We consider small business to be any business with under fifty employees.

"Often when I have a conversation with a small business owner for the first time," says Joe Courcy, a small business health insurance specialist with CH Insurance, "it's like opening their eyes for the first time on all the plan options they actually have." So many times business owners are presented with a singular option or maybe two to three at the most. While we recognize that we don't want to cause 'overwhelm' either with 32 options... we still feel it's best for the small business owner to understand there's tremendous power in having CHoice.

Independent Insurance Agency

When you see any insurance agency say they're 'independent' that's exactly what it means - they're independent of any one insurance carrier. That independent agency offers customers an array of choices between carriers that could suit their needs differently depending on their circumstances.

If you're open to considering the benefits of having greater CHoice with your health insurance, reach out to CH today. Let's talk. You'll be amazed at how much more freedom you have working with an independent insurance agency. And it would be an honor to have a conversation with you about how we might help. 315-234-7500.

CH Insurance focuses on commercial insurance, personal insurance, group benefits, and risk management. With its' home base in Syracuse, NY it also has offices in Rochester and Utica/Rome. As an independent insurance agency, CH Insurance is a Trusted Choice agency. Everything CH focuses on includes always delivering five star customer service and always learning and improving its' processes and procedures to ensure the best possible customer experience. They work hard every day to be in your corner.

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