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Ease on down the road

CH Insurance auto insurance Syracuse NY
The #1 cause of auto accidents is distracted driving.

Most accidents can be avoided.

Almost all are caused by driver distraction. While it's not good to be tense at the wheel (the best drivers are relaxed but alert), here at CH we still want you always thinking defensively. Accidents tend to make your insurance premiums go up. We're in your corner in good situations and in bad ones, but let's try and avoid that claim right?

Here are some quick things to remember to let you ease on down the road:

  • BE AWARE of what other drivers around you are doing

  • EXPECT the unexpected

  • ASSUME other motorists will do something unpredictable = and always be prepared to avoid it.

  • KEEP a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you and make that 4 seconds if the weather is bad.

  • KEEP your vehicle in proper working condition, brakes and tires are essential to having a smooth time on the road.

  • SLOW DOWN. While this one would seem like everyone knows slower speeds are safer, it sure doesn't appear that way on the highways sometimes. Drive as though your four year old son or nephew or grandson is in the backseat with you at all times. If you wouldn't risk the life of your baby, why would you risk your own and those of strangers who also have families?

  • DON'T TEXT. There's a terrific function on many of the mobile phones for "DO NOT DISTURB." It notifies anyone who texts or calls you while you're in motion, that you're driving and don't want to be distracted. That you'll respond to them when you've reached your destination.

If and when you do have an accident

First and foremost, seek medical attention if you or anyone involved may need it.

If there are witnesses to the accident get their contact information. If it's a two car or more incident, get all contacts and their information along with their insurance information.

TAKE PHOTOS on your cell phone of yours and all vehicles and surroundings. Have your insurance company's number saved in your contacts so you can easily make the call and let them know you're ok - and the circumstances of your accident and claim. If you're a client of ours here at CH Insurance, you call us 7 days a week and we'll handle it from there.

We hope you don't have to call us, but in the case of your auto insurance, you have insurance for those "just in case" moments that tend to happen in life. When this does, you can rest assured we'll be in your corner.

Have questions about your auto policy? You can contact CH Insurance today by clicking here or phone our downtown Syracuse office at 315-234-7500.

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