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Fourth & Final Cornerstone: Community

Introducing the final cornerstone of CH Insurances' Four Cornerstones: Community! 🌟 After embracing Conversation, Collaboration, and Change, we now celebrate what we feel is the heartbeat of CH —Community. This cornerstone is all about building connections that matter, supporting each other, and enriching lives both within and outside our company.

Together, we're more than just an insurance provider; we're a partner invested in the well-being of every community we touch. In the weeks and months ahead, we invite you to tune in across all of our social channels to experience for yourself how the CH Four Cornerstones come to life. We’re excited to continue to make a difference, together!



Wrapping up the four cornerstones of CH: We are on the fourth cornerstone today, Joe, and that cornerstone is undoubtedly the heart of CH, and that is COMMUNITY. Can you talk a little bit about that and how you go above and beyond in the communities that you serve?


Sure! Community is really the core of our identity here at CH. We work here, we live here, we're local. It just helps the whole mission and it reflects on our team, our 28 associates here. And it's so good because it's a positive impact beyond insurance. Our team actively participates in community initiatives. They help, they're dedicated, and being more than just a service provider for insurance, we want to help local organizations. It brings the team together. It reinforces our commitment to be good stewards, and that was taught from my father Joe, Sr. And it just drives the mission and vision of our company. When our clients see us involved in their world, they know we're truly in their corner every day, every way.

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