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Get On Board the CHariot!

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ONBOARDING as a cornerstone for today's business

There's a saying "Marketing and Innovation make you money, and everything else is COST." Innovation in the insurance industry is giving rise to 24/7 accessibility and greater ease to clients and agents alike. Innovation internally at the firm is critical as well. That's why we're proud to announce our latest innovation "CHariot."

Get On Board the CHariot

If you want to get ahead in business, in life, you must create the condition of 'START.' As we recognize the greater and greater need for integrating the CH way of doing business for clients and employees alike, we've launched a proprietary onboarding system that we'll be rolling out in stages.

We're learning OnBoarding is crucial on multiple levels for greater effectiveness all-around:

For Employees

We each remember those first days on the job - confusing, overwhelming, with some aspects difficult to remember down the road. Beyond the first days we were then expected to not only retain everything we'd learned in the first week, we were likely left to make up the rest as we went along. Sound familiar?

Proper onboarding not only sets the employee up for success in the early going, it also establishes a sustainable system for ensuring the employee stays connected, engaged, interested, involved, and part of the Vision for the Company.

As a result, a company increases employee loyalty, effectiveness, while reducing stress and anxiety.

For Clients

From the moment a potential client begins to engage with your brand, it's vital they understand each step of the journey they're embarking on - whether they ultimately select you as their insurance partner or not.

The clarity you want to give your employees, is certainly what you want to give to your clients. Bringing clients into the CH fold effectively and efficiently is powerful for all involved. It's guaranteeing customer satisfaction from day one!

Everybody WINS! That's always been and remains forever more part of the CH commitment.

CH Insurance is an independent insurance agency based in Syracuse, NY with offices in Rochester, NY and Rome, NY. 315-234-7500. In your corner!

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