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Healthier at Work

Balancing work life and personal life is essential to your long-term success. Finding ways to engage and have fun, being present, staying connected, prioritizing, including your wellness as a priority, all contribute to a more sustainable happiness and health at work. For employees themselves the benefits are obvious. Reduce your anxiety and overwhelm, enjoy your time at both work and at home (your family will thank you), increase your overall job satisfaction. For employers the benefits are becoming more and more obvious as companies look seriously at better productivity, less employee turnover, greater long-term profitability particularly when it comes to their healthcare premiums.

Always improving the employer - employee partnership is at the heart of our workplace wellness program here at CH Insurance. One of the ways we encourage employees to carve out a healthier lifestyle for themselves is through our collaboration with MetroFitness. "We've worked with Randy Sabourin and his team at Metro for many years now. Randy always says and we agree that corporate fitness programs increase the health of your bottom line," says Joe Convertino, Jr, President of CH Insurance. "In fact we're such a believer in what their corporate fitness has done for us here at CH, a few years back we decided to partner with them to offer workplace wellness programs to our own clients."

Here are some terrific Workplace Wellness program ideas you might consider for your organization. Sometimes it's just taking the first step and refining from there. Engaging your employees in a factor like their wellness and work life balance leads to good things now and in the future. It shows them you're in their corner!

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