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"SPRING" ing forward with your Wellness at Work

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AHHHHHHH! after a long winter of what seems like (mostly) staying indoors as much as possible... the first day of SPRING 2019 is here and there's renewed hope for freshening our energy and our focus inside and outside of work YES? YES!

Attention HR Directors and Business Owners :)

As you define the ways in which you want to improve your wellness at work program(s), however large or modest, it's important to evaluate the impact of your Work Wellness Programs on your insurance premiums. After all insurance is near and dear to our hearts here at CH and it's our job to offer the best insight on improving your bottom line while you improve your waistlines as an added benefit!

Let's take a look at some compelling case studies of where introducing opportunities for better work-life balance and healthy behaviors in and outside the workplace ultimately DO lead to improved premiums and thus savings:

The great American writer Mark Twain said "The secret to getting ahead... is getting started." One of our very own Group Benefits go-to's here at CH, Joe Courcy states "That's never more true when it comes to improving health and wellness at work and for your bottom line. All it takes, is that first, all-important step and commitment to change."

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