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Trends in the Insurance Industry

While it's important to help clients navigate the waters of insurance for their business and all that matters to them personally, it's also important here at CH to share with you the trends that are impacting the insurance industry as a whole.

Pick up any business newspaper, go on any online news and business site, read a business blog just like this one, and you're bound to hear about innovation. Well the insurance industry is no stranger to change. One of the biggest trends in our industry is the use of automation to facilitate customer transactions. Look at that word closely: Transactions. That's what artificial intelligence and automation software are best at... implementing standardized tasks and information management. When it comes to automation, CH has implemented a 24/7 online client portal to allow clients easy access; for our Group Benefits division we've implemented CH Connect. We're also innovating with client management software to create ease of access to policy numbers and accounts for each customer.

Note that we talk about automation as it relates to information access and transactions. "One element that our team here at CH Insurance will NEVER lose is the personalized service to ensure every client is cared for, appreciated, responded to with a smile, a friendly voice, and quick answers," says CH President, Joe Convertino, Jr.

Each month we'll be touching on different trends that affect the insurance industry and ultimately our employees and our clients as a result. As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary this year of being in your corner, you can always count on every member of the CH Team being up to date with every aspect of the industry, your policy, your business and personal priorities when it comes to insurance.

CH Insurance is an independent insurance agency based in downtown Syracuse, NY. Focusing on commercial insurance, personal insurance, group benefits, risk management, worker's compensation, CH is in your corner. 315-234-7500.

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