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What you need to know about Holiday Party-Time!

CH Insurance talks risk management for your holiday party this season

Being smart for your Business and Employees

Many of the holiday functions we will be hosting and attending this holiday season will probably involve the serving of alcohol. It's a wonderful time of the year to come together and celebrate and enjoy gatherings and festivities.

What Steps to Take

Because we're in your corner, we want you to be mindful of steps you can take to mitigate any risks as much as possible associated with liability when hosting a social gathering.

Here are some tips to help reduce liability associated with host liquor liability:

* Create A Risk Management Program

  • Implement a liquor liability program

  • Get Buy in from upper management

  • Communicate to supervisors and employees

  • Advise employees to drink responsibility

  • Prepare a liquor liability incident report

  • Complete the report in the event of an incident

  • Review current general liability to determine coverage

  • Require the vendor to provide a certificate of Liability Insurance and request to be named as an additional insured

* Promote Safety & Sobriety Tips

  • Serve drinks rather than offering self-serve bar

  • Place table tents to drink responsibly

  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages

  • Serve food with alcohol

  • Require servers to measure spirits

  • Promote designated driving programs (Uber. Lyft, etc)

Wishing you a safe and blessed Holiday Season from our CH Insurance Family to yours. If you have further questions about any of the recommendations above you can always email our very own Tony D'Amato who can advise you further.

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