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Work Wellness Programs Reduce Healthcare Costs

CH Insurance group benefits workplace wellness

All this month we've been taking a closer look at the impact that wellness in the workplace can have in so many ways. Getting down to brass tacks about the savings a company can realize in their healthcare costs and insurance premiums is what today's story is all about.

By helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, they improve their health and avoid chronic diseases. Without chronic disease the cost of health care is greatly reduced. Work sites who do wellness programs correctly will experience lower health care costs. We see it in case study after case study. Here's a great post from WellSteps about studies showing the direct impact of your own physical fitness and healthy eating regimen effects on your healthcare costs.

"We actively work with every group benefits client to save on premiums for their healthcare insurance for employees and that includes input on their workplace wellness practices," says CH Insurance President, Joe Convertino, Jr. Do you want to help implement or enhance your wellness programs at work? If you're interested in reducing healthcare costs, workplace wellness programs are an idea to begin instituting now.

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