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Would you drive blindfolded?

You would never dream of stepping into a car to drive - blindfolded. Would you?

The dangers of distracted driving are real. We see a new headline every day. Tragedy strikes because of a distracted driver.

In fact, peaking at your cell phone to read a text takes approximately five seconds. Traveling at 55mph, five seconds is the equivalent of driving the entire length of a football field... blindfolded. You're not looking at the road - you're looking at your phone. Pedestrians, cyclists, other drivers, yourself and your passengers - are all being driven in a moving bullet, with a blinded driver.

A teenager whose parent texts while driving - is up to 4x more likely to text and drive also.

Our teenagers follow our lead. A teenager whose parent texts while driving - is up to 4x more likely to text and drive also. And as a parent of a driving teenager, what's one of your greatest fears? So you DO play a role in the safety of your driving teen, by leading by example.

More Driver Insight

Here's an insightful article and website on the dangers of texting and driving. And if it feels like we're stressing or even over-doing the importance of staying focused on the road and surroundings while driving? Well, yes. We are. Of course you want to keep your insurance premiums down. This issue is bigger than that. It's about preserving the life you love and the lives of your loved ones and those sharing the roadways with you.

Don't text and drive. Yours and others' lives depend on it.

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