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CHristmas In The Neighborhood

A CNY Holiday Tradition

Each year Onondaga Lake Parkway is dressed in holiday lights to celebrate the beauty of the season. Families travel from near and far to behold the brilliant, shining spectacle. From the local businesses who don the fields with their Christmas Stories and Signage, flickering snowflakes hanging from the trees, to Santa and his reindeer jumping through the night sky... we've all come to expect a memorable night of magic and music in our cars as we slowly take it all in from one end of the park to the other. How is this year, the year of 2020 Christmas any different?

A CHristmas Mindset

As we've learned here at CH Insurance throughout the pandemic, the lens we look through is completely different than last Christmas. The feeling of uncertainty, doubt, fears, has entered our radar screen in a different way this year. And yet, there's a new level of appreciation for the things we hold most dear: Freedom. Togetherness. Sharing. If we DO get any time with loved ones, whether in person or on a zoom, we're more grateful. We listen better because we're more tuned in, less distracted.

Celebrating the Season With Appreciation

In years past our CH Team has done "Twelve Days of Christmas" and posting lighthearted,

fun Santa and Elves Videos on social media. This year it just feels better to be more reflective and mindful in our posts. We've implemented "CHristmas in the Neighborhood." We're encouraging folks to take a snapshot of their outdoor holiday lights and post them on Facebook or Instagram. Winning posts will be rewarded with four pack or eight packs of tickets to Lights on the Lake with Galaxy Media, one of our long-time media partners (advance sale tickets only this year to avoid contact through tickets on site, etc). Celebrating in a hyper-local way - in your own backyard - seems to fit the criteria for living right now given the circumstances. Staying close to home, seeing the beauty that's right in our own little corner of the world. If you quietly sit and think about it, there are really wonderful gifts that are offered to us through doing exactly that.

Creating New CHristmas Memories

Taking time to appreciate the gifts we do have allows us to create new CHristmas memories that capture the magic of the traditions we create today, for future generations. For our children, and our children's children. Protecting all that's important to you, while being open to what is immediately before you, promises to keep us all light in heart and Thankful for what is. So as you drive your car through the Park this year, let the warmth of the Christmas lights shine bright on your family and in your heart. We'll be there to say 'Hello' to each of you and to remind you that we're always in your corner.

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