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Paying it Forward

Most are familiar with the film "Pay it Forward" with actor Haley Joel Osment. The story centers around a 12 year old boy in Las Vegas who starts a pay it forward movement, people helping other people.

Millenials and why they matter

How do your employees feel about you, the company they work for? Do they feel you're all rowing in the same direction? Do they know the bigger purpose, the bigger WHY for why you're all showing up every day to do what you do? Do they feel they're a part of something important, something larger than themselves? We often get asked how do we relate to our staff... particularly millennials, who we believe have immense energy, talent, and are vital to the continued prosperity of our company. Millennials, more than ever, want to feel on purpose. They want to know they're making a difference, that their voice matters. Don't we all?

Do it for your team

One of the most powerful influences for any of us is reciprocity - someone offers us something and we feel compelled to return the favor. Even dating back to 2014 Inc. magazine devoted an article to talking about the benefits of paying it forward among your employees - letting your team learn how to pay it forward to another employee - on behalf of each other and for the bigger benefit of the organization as a whole.


Creating a culture that has a 'pay it forward' spirit is worth striving towards in the New Year. Yes, it does impact the company's bottom line and that's an added benefit. It does improve staff collaboration and your internal think tank/intellectual capital. That's good news too. At its' core however, whether it's the Holiday season or any other, for us here at CH it just feels like the right thing to do.

"One of my favorite annual events is the Dunk Booth I jump into at the Centerstate CEO Clambake!" says Joe Convertino, Jr, President of CH Insurance.

Here at CH, paying it forward happens 365 days a year

This year as in years' past, the CH Team supported many different charitable causes and local, economic and community initiatives. From Josephs' House to American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Awareness, Francis House, Juvenile Diabetes, and close to our own heart because of where our offices are located, The Downtown Committee. "One of my favorite annual events is the Dunk Booth I jump into at the Centerstate CEO Clambake!" says Joe Convertino, Jr, President of CH Insurance. "Each year myself along with a group of other leaders from the community are willing to get dunked to raise money for their favorite charity. Last year I chose Food Bank of CNY and this year we raised money for In My Father's Kitchen. Both incredible organizations for our community helping those less fortunate," says Convertino, Jr.

From the smallest organization's effort to the largest, if we were able to help either in funding or awareness, or both, we did our best to show up, be informed, get involved, and make a difference. At the end of the day, it's not just good business, it's good living.

CH Insurance is an independent agency in Upstate NY giving you the power to choose your insurance carrier. Offering commercial, personal, group benefits insurance, along with Risk Management services, CH is in your corner this Holiday season and the whole year through.


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