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Benefit #4: Your Advocate

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

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This is where the CH Stars really get to shine "in your corner"

This week we're talking Benefit #4 to small business owners through the CH Insurance 100 Under One Hundred Health Insurance program! We officially rolled out the unique CH Insurance 100 UNDER One Hundred health insurance program designed especially for small businesses just a few weeks ago. We promised you then and are delivering weekly, an outline of each and every benefit in greater detail. So if you're a small business owner or work for one... read on!

Benefit #4: Your Advocate

Why does having an Advocate when it comes to your small business health insurance plan matter?

advocate - a person who publicly supports, recommends, and works on your behalf

"We had an employee’s wife that was utilizing out of network benefits for the treatment of a disease and was paying out of pocket daily for all the treatments. When they brought this to our attention to ask if there was another carrier or plan we could put her on we started making calls and determined that the doctor did not participate with any Insurance at all.
After a HIPAA release was signed, we started gathering all their bills and payments and put together a 50+ page document and submitted to Excellus for out of network claims. After submitting the insured received thousands of dollars that was due to them and continued to collect on out of network payments."

Talk to the Small Business Health Insurance Experts

Our Team of Small Business Health Insurance Experts are in your corner when you or your employee has an issue. When there’s a claim not being paid, RX being denied, having trouble getting an MRI approved, we’re ON IT.  We work with the individual and gather all the details and deal directly with the carrier on their behalf.  We schedule Peer Reviews between doctors and Carriers and keep the individual informed of all the steps. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Small business owners have enough hats to wear. By unloading some of your group benefits management to the specialists at CH, you get to unload some of those headaches. These are FREE Value-Added services that CH provides you as an owner with under fifty employees. "We're in your corner, advocating for you every step of the way," says Tom Quinlan, Senior Insurance and Business Advisor at CH. If you'd like to learn more about the ways 100 Under One Hundred can help you make 2022-2023 a whole lot easier, let's talk. It would be an honor to create that partnership with you. Problem solved! 315-234-7500.


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